Barcelona – The W Hotel

Hey guys, a few weeks ago I spent some beautiful days in Barcelona with my lovely friend Nadja. This trip wasn’t planned, the W Hotel in Barcelona invited us shortly. The first day was a disaster. We arrived too late at the airport and there were no taxis. We spot out that there was a … Continue reading Barcelona – The W Hotel


Hey guys, first of all I’d like to apologize that I write my blogpost about London so late. The last weeks I was very busy, but now the post is online. A month ago I spent some beautiful days in London with my lovely friend Nadja. We were invited to the Fashion Week After Show … Continue reading London


Hey guys! A few days ago I stayed 4 days in South Korea-Seoul. I couldn't visualize anything about this trip but I was really curious about it. I mean everybody knows that you can buy a lot of wired things there and of course I found my "favorite wired but funny product". The fist day I explored … Continue reading Seoul