Help Your Body Recover Faster From A Workout

Whether you’ve just started working out you might be noticing a bit of muscle soreness. If you’re working out regularly, showing your body a little love is really important to help you bounce back and to get stronger. Recovery is about much more than just the repair of your muscles too. When you work out, … Continue reading Help Your Body Recover Faster From A Workout

How To Measure Your Progress

Lots of girls rely on the scales for feedback on their fitness progress, but the number on the scale can be misleading. Not to mention, we all have different goals in mind and some goals might not actually include weight loss. But don’t worry, there are lots of ways to keep tabs on the progress … Continue reading How To Measure Your Progress


Hey guys! I just want to write a short post about the significance of protein. Protein is a biological macromolecule which is built up from amino acids by so-called "Peptidbindungen". Proteins are found in all cells. They lend not only structure but rather carry as „molecular machines“ essential functions while they allow cell movements, metabolite advance, catalyze chemical reactions … Continue reading Protein