Hey guys!

A few days ago I stayed 4 days in South Korea-Seoul. I couldn’t visualize anything about this trip but I was really curious about it. I mean everybody knows that you can buy a lot of wired things there and of course I found my “favorite wired but funny product”.

The fist day I explored the Edae (Ewha Women’s University Shopping Street). Edae is where shopping comes cheap. Almost all clothing stores sell their items in free size which is sadly too big for me. I didn’t do much clothes shopping instead I bought a lot of skincare products. I found the “Tomaru Store” after walking around. They offer some really good skincare products. This “Tomaru Store” is the only one in Korea.


You can also stock up on skincare at the “Innisfree Jeju house branch” in “Samcheongdong”. I highly recommend this store because it’s the only one that stocks Jeju – exclusive products. Like the fresh topping pack masks which I absolutely love!


The second day I visited the “N Seoul Tower”. The subway network is easy to understand and uncomplicated in Seoul. I always used it although I didn’t understand the Korean language. If you want to visit the “N Seoul Tower” the nearest subway station is called “Myeongdong”. From there you can use the cable car to get to the tower or walk. I walked and the way up to the tower is beautiful. There is a considerable park with an outdoor gym.


But guys I can only give you a good tip: wear sneakers !!! I didn’t, because it was very cold about -15 degrees and the streets were frozen and I thought boots would be better but I was wrong. My feet were killing me after this 15km walk up and down!

So back to the tower. The “N Seoul Tower” is the highest point in Seoul and is a must-see tourist destination for those hoping to get a panoramic view of Seoul. The 236meter high tower sits atop Namsan Mountain so most visitors combine their visit to “N Seoul Tower” with a stroll around “Namsan Park” or the nearby “Namsangol Hanok Village”.


The Roof Terrace is very romantic. Apart from offering a beautiful view of Seoul’s skyline it’s also known largely for its love locks. Several years ago a TV program’s main characters visited the terrace and attaching 2 padlocks to the fence as a symbol of their undying love. Today tens of thousands of love locks can be found hanging around the terrace with new locks appearing each day as testaments to couples unfailing love. These hanging named padlocks can be bought from the souvenir shop. Some couples even brought their own locks to be hang on the tower fence as a symbol of love.


Around the tower are a lot of restaurants located. You get almost everything, from a burger and fries to salad and also traditional food. What I really recommend is Korean Barbecue! It’s expensive but you get a whole table of food: fresh beef, salad, rice, hot sauces.. and you can grill the beef in the middle of the table. It’s tasty! But I had this already on my day of arrival and I wanted to eat another traditional food. I ordered “Bibimbap”. That’s vegetables with beef in a bowl and rice. Beside I got a clear soup with leek and “Kimchi” that’s cabbage in a very hot red sauce. Also very delicious. You should try both when you travel to South Korea.


The last day I strolled through the “Namdaemun Market”. At this traditional open air market you get everything! From clothes, cosmetic products, food, to souvenirs and also wired things. The people are really friendly. As an European you are an attraction. Everybody looked at me and much Korean people asked me If they could have one picture taken with me. After a while there was a lane of people, really crazy.


So now to my “favorite wired but funny product”. I found some really crazy masks, with snakes or also with snails ingredients. I would never use this although it really could be good for my skin but I think it’s disgusting. Instead I bought a gold mask, a foot mask and my absolutely favorite face mask – the animal otter aqua mask. This face mask is a sheer fabric with an otter face on it. I thing that’s a really nice and funny souvenir from Korea witch has a little bit purpose. As I left the shop the saleswomen gave me a collagen mask and the snail mask as a gift. I took it but i swear I’ll not use it. So if anybody needs a snail mask I offer one..


Love, Vanessa

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