Hey guys!

I just want to write a short post about the significance of protein. Protein is a biological macromolecule which is built up from amino acids by so-called “Peptidbindungen”. Proteins are found in all cells. They lend not only structure but rather carry as „molecular machines“ essential functions while they allow cell movements, metabolite advance, catalyze chemical reactions and recognise signal materials.

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Muscles, heart, brain, skin and hair exist predominantly of proteins. If you have a protein deficiency you suffer of muscle weakness, growth failure and hair loss.

It’s not only important to build up muscles or to receive muscle mass, protein help you also to decrease. An easy formula for the protein calculation is: Body weight x 1.8. That’s approximately the need of protein for a person who exercise.

Never forget to take protein after you worked out. Best the body is able to take up protein during the first 30 minutes after the workout. It’s contained in eggs, fish, chicken, meat, legumes, nuts and of course in milk products. Protein powder help you to satisfy your protein requirement. There are so many different protein powders on the market which make it easier for you to reach your daily requirement of protein. You just have to find out which one you prefer.

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My protein powder is from MyProtein – it’s called “Iso Pro”. I like the flavor vanilla but you can also order it in 4 other tantalizing flavors. I use this because it’s less in fat and contains no sugar. One protein shake has just 95 kilocalories. If you use my code “MARIPOSA10” you’ll save 10% at checkout..

Love, Vanessa

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