Miami Beach

Hey guys!

Currently I’m on my way back home to Austria, Salzburg. I’m sitting in the plane, it’s an Airbus 330-200. 11.000 meters down is for the next 8 hours just the deep North Atlantic Ocean.. so I’ve enough time to write my blogpost about my freaky trip to Miami.

I stayed in Miami Beach about two unscheduled weeks. On my day of arrival I was very tired, because I couldn’t sleep on the 10 hour flight. After I checked in all I wanted was to relax on the pool and catch some sun, but as chance would have it there was no sunshine. Instead there war a really serious hurricane warning. Hurricane “Matthew” was on the way from the Bahamian Islands to Miami Beach. First of all I thought that this was a very bad joke, but it wasn’t. So two hours after my arrival I bought food and water for the current two days. All the restaurants and shops were closed. Everyone prepared for hurricane “Matthew”. The people were scared of flooding, so they saved their homes, restaurants and shops with sandbags. Besides every house was protected with wooden boards.


It was incredible. Hurricane “Matthew” hit the Bahamian Islands very hard and almost passed Miami Beach. THANK GOODNESS! There were “just” two days with a lot of rain and a strong wind. The following days were really nice and hot. Everyday as expected 30° C. I spent 5 beautiful days in Miami Beach more precisely in South Beach.





4 years ago I’d already visited South Beach, so I knew a lot of good restaurants. One which I really can recommend is called “Tapelia”. It’s located in the main shopping street called “Lincoln Road”. The Lincoln Road is about 10 blocks away from the Ocean Drive, where all good hotels and also my hotel was. They serve really delicious food. Serrano and cheese plates, steak, salads and delicious pita breads with salmon.. When you stay in this beautiful city you’ve to visit this restaurant.

Other restaurants which I can also recommend is the “Sriracha House” (they serve a variety of tasty wok dishes), “La Sandwicherie” (as it’s name implies they serve fresh sandwiches and salads), “Five guys” (delicious burger and fries-you also get bunless burgers which are amazing) and “Pura Vida” (healthy breakfast, salads and amazing acai bowls with fresh fruits and whey protein).





Everyday I caught some sun, relaxed on my beach chair and of course I worked out every day. The first days I run a lot, about 100!! blocks.. That’s quiet a lot! The next days I spent some time at the muscle beach. There were a lots utensils.. rods for pull-ups and abs exercises, barbells and dumbbells for curls and flys, a bench for bench press and a really cool hoop which I used for pushups and leaps.







I love to workout on the beach when the sun is shining and it’s hot. I just wear my sport bra, pants and sunglasses and can train barefoot. I like this feeling when I feel the sand on my bare feet.




After one recreative week I flew as planned with American Airlines from Miami to one of the Bahamian Islands, called “Exuma”. As a result of the hurricane I didn’t knew how the island looked like. One this short 45 minutes flight I got an upgrade from the Economy Class to the Business Class. I enjoyed the free drinks, snacks and the big space for my feet. The approach was beautiful. As I feared hurricane “Matthew” hit the island very hard. The weather was miserable and the beach was dirty. It wasn’t lovely to stay there so I rebooked my flight to the next day and stayed 6 days longer in Miami Beach.





Summarized I spent two lovely weeks in Miami Beach (although I just planned 1 week) and one night on the Bahamian Island Exuma.. but the best is I survived a hurricane (33 people died). It could be worse! So now I lean back and try to get some sleep for the remaining hours in the plane..

Love, Vanessa

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