Hey guys! A few days ago I visited the famous Oktoberfest with my friends Nadja and Monika in Munich. I’ve been there the third time and I really love it.

dsc04738_251 dsc04768_220

dsc04732_147 dsc04843_155

The girls wear the traditional “Dirndl” and the guys the “Lederhosen”. I like the traditional costume and I think everyone looks great in it.

Beside my Dirndl is from “Krügermadl”.

dsc04874_56-kurz dsc04911_56kurz

dsc04935_195 dsc04943_168

We personalized ginger bread with our names in form of a heart..

dsc05078_179 dsc05170_35

dsc05100_34 dsc05065_26

We had a lot of fun in driving rollercoaster, swing carousel and the ghost train. After sundown we spent some time in the “Käferzelt”. I enjoyed a half chicken and a “Maß”.

dsc04584_16 dsc04562_97


I can only recommend the “Wiesn”. It’s worth a trip..

Love, Vanessa

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