About me


Strand 3My name is Vanessa, born in Austria (Salzburg) on December 16, 1992. That means im 24 years old. I’m 164 cm high and my current weight is 52,2 kg. I work out 6 days a week and I can’t imagine to live without because i love it!

My journey is about going from a skinny picky eater to a healthy, fit and strong chic learning to love life. I want to inspire others who just want to take that next step towards getting healthy! I would love to share my travels, lifestyle and my fitness success with you.

Fitness is such huge industry today and almost all focus points at looking the best you can or stepping on a stage to be judged. Although 80% of this industry focusing on losing weight and build up muscles.

My mission is to make the world understand that we are a bunch of skinny bunnies here on earth fighting to gain weight the healthy way. 

Never tell a skinny person they look skinny or need to eat. It’s just as bad as telling a overweight person they look fat or need to stop eating. We are all humans and we all have feelings, no matter what size of clothes we are wearing.

So here is a digital documentation of my life, that’s all it is. Just pictures, scrambled words and videos… Welcome.


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